Indian Love Song – Sarojini Naidu


This is a poem written by the Indian Poet Sarojini Naidu who was an Indian independence activist and poet.

The Poet's Love-Song - Sarojini NaiduIndian Love Song – Sarojini Naidu:


LIKE a serpent to the calling voice of flutes,
Glides my heart into thy fingers, O my Love!
Where the night-wind, like a lover, leans above
His jasmine-gardens and sirisha-bowers;
And on ripe boughs of many-coloured fruits
Bright parrots cluster like vermilion flowers.


Like the perfume in the petals of a rose,
Hides thy heart within my bosom, O my love!
Like a garland, like a jewel, like a dove
That hangs its nest in the asoka-tree.
Lie still, O love, until the morning sows
Her tents of gold on fields of ivory.

About the Poet

Sarojini Naidu Also Known as NightaSarojini-Naidunge of India, Sarojini Naidu was an Indian independence activist and poet. Sarojini Naidu began writing at the age of twelve. Her first collection of poems, named “The Golden Threshold” was published in 1905. Her Poems were admired by many prominent poets and scholars. Later her collection of poems entitled “The Feather of The Dawn” was edited and published posthumously in 1961 by her daughter Padmaja.

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